Loving Amplitudes – Psychic Powers

Musicvideo, Videography


Graphic Design, Musicvideo, Photography, Videography

You Know I’m No Good

Musicvideo, Videography

Heidelberger Herbstrummel

Event, Videography

Sameday Records – Demons

Musicvideo, Videography

Rigging City

Graphic Design, Photography, Web

Breidenbach Coworking

Corporate, Photography, Videography

Alex Doering Cover Art

Graphic Design

Coworking Conference

Graphic Design, Photography



Marian Termath – What Runs Deep

Musicvideo, Videography

Hey, my name is Benjamin and I am loving pixels! My homebase is Heidelberg, but you often find me travelling as a digital nomad.

Focusing on visual arts, I explore all kinds of projects and ideas. Sometimes alone and oftentimes in collaboration with other artists or companies. Learn more about me here.