Benjamin Hotz

Media Designer

I’ve been doing visual design work for more than ten years now. I followed this passion academically in order to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Media Design. Ever since, I have been a freelancer working in the fields of Graphic Design, Photography and Videography. Being able to connect all of these disciplines has proven incredibly valuable. It provides me not only with a clear perspective in the work flow of a project but also with a better understanding of what is needed for a project to actually succeed.

But life is not all about work. I love to travel as it inspires me and broadens my horizon. So I connect work and travel by doing video projects while I’m on the road. The intention is to grow with each challenge and to have fun of course! So far, I’ve traveled to Guatemala, Mexico, Portugal, Japan, Norway, Thailand, Indonesia and Turkey just to name a few. Every new project is another pixel in my mosaic of life and I’m loving it.

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